Prepper Connect

Despite the title, this isn’t a dating site….. although I guess it could be.I’ve heard a lot of people wish they could find like-minded preppers in their area so we created this map to help out. Keep in mind that this is the INTERNET. Information you post here is visible to just about anybody with a computer so use at your own risk. If you connect with a psycho, DO NOT come running to me to complain about it! Use your own judgement and discretion. In order to keep this map free, you will see an advertisement at the bottom of the page. It might say something like, “Click here to download”. Don’t click it, it’s not necessary to use the map.


To enter your information, click the big blue “+” in the upper right-hand corner of the map. It’s self-explanatory from there. I hope this helps some of you get together, form groups, and network with preppers in your area.