Urban Survival Kit

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The “Bug out Bag“, also known as a “Get-back Bag“, is an essential item for all preppers.  You never know when shit will hit the fan, nor where you will be.  Just getting home may take a few days, and having a pre-made, pre-stocked bag will save you the headache of assembling one, and you can always supplement it with your particular needs for your situations!!  Don’t buy a cheap model for this dire need.  Do it right, or don’t do it at all –
OPTION 1 Camo says “back up buster!”

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Zippmo Urban Survival Kit Two is a midsize three day emergency pack with food, water, survival gear, first aid, tools, and sanitary supplies for individuals living in an urban or city environment. This two person kit is especially useful for those that may be without power, need to stay warm, stay informed, clear obstructions, provide first aid, open additional sources of emergency food or water, and stay dry and clean.

The following items are included:

(1) Heavy Duty Water Resistant Backpack, (20) Datrex Emergency Water Packs (4.2oz each), (2) 2400 Calorie Datrex Emergency Food Packs (twelve food bars per pack),(1) 16oz Ultralight Nalgene Bottle, (1) Bottle 50ct Potable Aqua Tabs – Treats 6 plus gallons of questionable water, (2) BRW Emergency Sleeping Bags (waterproof, windproof, and lightweight), (2) BRW Ponchos, (2) 24 Hour Body Warmers, (3) Snaplight 12 Hour Light Sticks, (25) Feet of 500lb Grade Paracord, (1) Button Compass, (1) Emergency Whistle, (1) Stainless Steel Multi-tool, (1) Bic Lighter, (1) Eton Clipray Dynamo Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger, (1) Deck Playing Cards, (2) N95 Dust Masks, (1) Pair Heavy Work Gloves, (1) Adventure Medical First Aid Kit 1.0, (1) Zippmo Sanitary Kit. *Please note that these kits provide the minimum amount of water recommended by the US Coast Guard for a 72 Hour Survival Situation. **Datrex Food Rations contain Wheat Flour, Vegetable Shortening, Cane Sugar, Water, Coconut, and Salt.

Two Person Three Day Emergency Kit – 17 Pounds
Heavy Duty Water Resistant Backpack, Emergency Whistle, Button Compass, Stainless Steel Multi-Tool
Adventure Medical First Aid Kit 1.0, N95 Masks, Work Gloves, Paracord, 12 Hour Light Sticks
Eton Clipray Dynamo Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger, Emergency Sleeping Bags (twice the coverage as space blankets), Emergency Ponchos
Datrex Food & Water, Nalgene Ultralight 16oz Bottle, 50ct Bottle Potable Aqua Tabs – Treats 6 Plus Gallons of Water

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