Prepper Considerations for SHTF

Guest Post by Patrick Alaggio

Get Local

We are all going to have to GET LOCAL and figure out how WE can survive TOGETHER. The alternative is to watch die (or possibly kill) every starving mother and father who is doing everything and ANYTHING they must to feed their children. Personally I would rather die of starvation along side of my neighbors than to watch them rip each other apart in a survival frenzy. If you are finished prepping and are currently “protecting your (so-called) wealth” then may I humbly suggest that you STOP buying silver and buy another days food rations for 50 people. Our food travels an average of 1,500 miles to get into our supermarkets and our “just in time” inventory means there IS NO reserve in the basement as it was when I was young. The stores will be emptied out in a matter of hours and the increases in price for gas will keep the truck drivers home, especially when our starving families start targeting them to get at this precious commodity.


Steal it Back

Many months back I got into a rather lengthy debate about “stealing it back” and the supposed immorality of my position was argued by good citizens that felt it was wrong to STOP paying credit card debt to (only) the banks that have been convicted of laundering drug money and have stolen TRILLIONS of dollars from us through their endless scams. If you are poor then MAX OUT YOUR CARDS and buy the essentials to keep your family alive. SO WHAT if these monsters of the global banking cartels don’t get paid. SO WHAT IF THEY TRY AND HARASS a hundred million of us who have taken this peaceful form of revolution. Turn off the ringers in your phone, stack up their threatening letters and put them in a pile that you can burn to keep you warm. Then BUY EVERYTHING you need to complete your family’s plan. If you’re worried about your precious credit rating then realize that it is just a mechanism to keep you in THEIR cage.

Do you think you’re prepared?

If you THINK you’re prepared then try doing the tests I have done, albeit not all at once, but a piece at a time so I could fill in the gaps in my plan. Can you survive the winter in your area with only what you have now? If the heat and electricity go out can you survive? If the water turns into muck do you have a way to procure and cleanse enough to get your family through 90 to 120 days? If your toilets won’t flush do you know how to get rid of waste safely or will you contribute to the upcoming plagues because of improper sanitation? What if the gas goes off or there is no delivery… how will you cook? $150 solutions ARE available! (A $30 single propane stove top like GAS ONE makes and cases of fuel from Amazon to drive it… $26 per 12 can case… Five cases and a stove for $150!) Then there is lighting, medical considerations, shelter and clothing for our families (i.e. BOOTS, wool socks, hats and gloves) etc.

We’ve been all over this stuff for many years on John’s channel but how many of us could actually make it through 3 to 6 months if everything went south (TONIGHT at 12 midnight) and every modern convenience you have grown to depend upon simply disappears? How’s that big screen TV looking to you now? Now consider that many, if not most of us on this channel, have been through these exercises and are READY but WE KNOW the VAST MAJORITY of the population is either clueless or in denial that it can happen here in the good ole USA. Normalcy bias is not going to go away… these people will die en masse and those of us who are left standing must decide what we could, should and would do based upon our own unique situations and where we live.

Where are you going?

Obviously, if you live in a city you’re FU@*ED, unless you have a way to grow a lot of food on roof tops as a few creative people have begun to work on… but that is too little too late but provides an avenue to be pursued in the future. So where are you going? When will you leave and what are your alternative plans for getting there if the gas lines are too long, the fuel runs out, the roads are jammed with starving masses of people who are JUST LIKE YOU. How long do you think the thin veneer of humaneness will last? I’m lucky, I’ve lived in a remote area for 20 years with a very small population of mainly families that have been here for many generations. These people came from farming families and while most of them are not directly involved in that now they know HOW to return to their roots. Helping out in a scenario like mine is possible because if WE can get through the winter without killing each other then WE CAN SURVIVE WORKING TOGETHER WITHOUT GOVERNMENT stealing from us.

This is not the time to be proud… not to steal it back because of our naive morays that were implanted into us by the government run public school ‘SYSTEM” that has been lying to us from the time we could listen. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET READY BEFORE the clock strikes midnight and the lights go out. “When liars lead only cowards, accomplices and the feeble minded follow.” So why is anyone following the lead of our corrupted government? Find your own way and decide what is best for your family and I’ll give you a little hint; it’s not your credit score!