In depth analysis of the weapon used in the Christchurch New Zealand Mosque attacks.

For those interested, the following is the latest compilation of notes, research and links gathered by the R Syndicate. Including an analysis of the gun used in the shootings at Christchurch, New Zealand.

Analysis of the gun

The top magazine has the message “For Rotherham“. For more information on what’s going on in Rotherham, see the trial of Tommy Robinson. Tommy is an activist and reporter who was arrested, tried and convicted for reporting on the trial of several members of a grooming gang that had preyed upon vulnerable girls in the area.  Tommy has a youtube channel but for how long is anybody’s guess. Here’s his channel:

Alexandre Bissonnette. This is referencing the man from the Quebec mosque shooting in 20017.

Luca Traini. Reference to the shooting in Italy of several migrants in the city of Macerata. In court, Luca Traini said the reason he did what he did was for justice for Pamela Mastropietro who was murdered by a Nigerian by the name of… and catch this, Innocent Oseghale he has been charged with her rape, murder and dismemberment, as well as with drug dealing.

The bottom magazine has the name Sebastiano Venier.  This could be a reference to the abduction and forcible conversion to islam of his first cousin, Cecilia Venier-Baffo, who was later made to marry the son of her captor.

The Tours 732 on the magazine well refers to the Battle of Tours, also called Battle of Poitiers, (October 732).

The John Hunyadi reference written on the area of the fire control group refers to John Hunyadi who fought against the Ottoman empire to defend Hungary, Poland and Romania.

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Brenton Tarrant

Brenton Tarrant looks to be a clear cut MK Ultra candidate. Anons over at 4chan/pol are commenting on how Tarrant used to shitpost about a little girl ( Ebba Akerlund ) who was ran over my a muslim migrant in Sweden back in April of 2017. 8chan is the main image board he posted to with other postings to 4chan.

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The Video

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The Manifestos