The Black Plague

The fact is, The Black Plague has never really gone away. It’s always been there…..being creepy and sinister. We don’t see it (much) here in the US for a variety of reasons. A few big ones being access to modern healthcare, hygiene, and laws against digging up and dancing with dead bodies. No shit. That’s a thing! So The Plague, Bubonic Plague, Black Plague, Black Death, is rearing its head in Madagascar and a hundred people have died.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is showing a heavy presence in the area and has shipped over a million doses of antibiotics in order to keep the thing in check. The concern is that if the plague goes pneumonic (it has) it will spread more rapidly and the risk of this thing spreading to mainland Africa, and from there to just about anywhere) increases exponentially.

Maintain your awareness, keep plague news on your radar, be prepared with the necessary KNOWLEDGE and SUPPLIES to protect yourself and your family should you need to. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) has provided a printable document outlining the effective antibiotics and dosages needed to treat the plague in humans. How very helpful of them ;). I recommend reading it. Of the FDA Approved antibiotics recommended by the CDC, a couple of them are available through Namely, FishFlox (ciprofloxacin) and FishDox (Doxycycline). No, I’m not a doctor but I’ve got these antibiotics in my preps even can be used for toddler gym in poway!

Ideally, you would want to prevent infection in the first place. In which case I have items in my preps which will effectively shield me from the bacteria, should it make its way to the US. Things like Gas Masks and MOP/TYVEK suits will keep that shit off of you if you have to go out into plague infected areas.  I also keep a good supply of Clorox disposable wipes stocked and ready to go. I like bleach, it kills stuff! Hahaahaaa.

All of this is stuff; antibiotics, gas masks, MOP Suits; you should have in your preps anyway. Peace through Preparedness, Chance favors The Prepared Mind!