Clothing Essentials to Prep for SHTF

Let’s talk about a few clothing essentials to prep for SHTF. “Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Medicine and a means of Self Defense”. That’s a tall order, but these things are relatively cheap at the moment. In a SHTF situation, having these things on hand will be nothing less than a life saver!

What are some clothing essentials to prep for SHTF?

Let’s start at the top! Covers – aka hats hahahhaha

Keep your head covered (hence the Marine Corps names the hat a “cover” – protect your head from debris, conceal it with camouflage, and protect and shade your eyes from the sun!
This trucker style camo-cover looks great, like an old friend, its beat up a bit! It’s lightweight and breaths well.
Keep your head covered

Keep your head covered and protected.

Old school USMC camo “cover” –  I wore one of these everywhere!  –  “Pick up your cover, Pyle!”

Digital camo USMC 8 point “cover”  –  classic design, modern camo print  –  “Pick up your cover, Pyle!” hahahha  I love saying that!

The USMC “boonie hat” is long used and much beloved by jarheads worldwide.  In the desert, in the jungle, and recommended highly for BBQ’s, the boonie protects from sun on all sides, protects better from debris, and breaks up the outline of the head, improving concealment from zombies and marauders in SHTF…  Won’t keep your uncle from swiping your cold beer though!

Cold weather head protection? This is it. Injury from exposure sucks, and in the winter it can take you out of the game, and in SHTF, that game is “life or death”.

For cold weather supplemental protection, and to satisfy your inner ninja-jarhead residual self-image (thank you Morpheous), take a look at this item .

Don’t forget about your hands!



Here’s a few of my favorite t-shirts. I recommend sticking OD green or Black.


Stylish now, purposeful for SHTF!

Yeah, the army has them too!

More clothing essentials to prep for when SHTF!

“Take care of your feet, PRIVATE!”   Without your feet, you aren’t going nowhere, and in SHTF you will need all the mobility and health you can muster!  Three glorious and sexy color options are available in a sock I recommend highly!  Check the reviews too!


Now you’ve got sexy socks, you need some good boots. Don’t buy cheap boots! Get a good pair (or two). Take care of your boots and they will take care of you! These are a great, rugged pair of Wellco boots.  I own a pair of these and approve of them.

Another pair of Wellco boots with the classic panama sole!

The Prepared Mind owns these boots and they are highly recommended for sub-freezing, wet conditions.  I sat for hours in the snow, waiting for a troublesome coyote to show.  I was bored to death nearly, but my feet were warm, dry, and comfortable.  Great boots!

Well, what do you think?

You know what I think, clothing should be included in your SHTF preps. Even if you’re going Captain Caveman,  you don’t have to be dressed in a bear-skin loincloth!