Robin Hood Defense in SHTF

Crossbow Defense in SHTF

I cant sell guns or ammo here but I can refer you to some very effective self defense items.  This technology is from the time of Robin Hood, and has advanced to deliver reliable, accurate, repeatable performance.  The crossbow is used to hunt both small and large game, delivering long distance accuracy and will equally supply you with “near silent” crossbow defense in shtf!

I recommend that you buy the best that can be afforded.  Barnett Crossbows are time tested and the company has a good customer service track record with me.  I think that Barnett offers the most performance and power for the best price.  I have a Quad 400 that I have proven will get the job done, and look good doing it, I might add!


This is my choice for SHTF, Zombie Apocalypse, and consistent shooting!  I own this crossbow proudly!


The Revenant is at the pinnacle of performance from the Barnett line.  It is compact, powerful, deadly.  Pow!


For less that Huculean people, a hand crank for the Barnett crossbow is recommended.  The more powerful the crossbow, the harder it is to reset, so this little gadget gets you there!

Bolts and Broad-Heads

Seems we will need something to shoot from our crossbow.  Coming with field points, these 20 inch bolts with field points will do the trick!   Reusable and with removable tips, you can practice with them, then install the “self-defense” tips for those pesky wild boars and zombies.


The heaviest 20 inch bolt available, these deliver the most kinetic energy on impact and the deepest penetration.  I own these and keep them prepped with some gnarly razor tips

How could I not recommend these, by the dozen.  Serious 125 grain razor hunting tips screw right onto your bolts for “maximum effort” and zombie stopping power.


These sexy little blue devils are only 100 grains, giving your bolt a little more speed, but still cutting and slicing their way in deep. It’s a nasty business, but I don’t have any idea who would have told you that SHTF was a picnic.


If small game is your bag, then you will need these tips to knock the little rascals down so they can go in the pot for dinner!


Finally, if any of you are the bow-fisherman, then i have to include these!

Target Practice

To be proficient, you have to practice.  To practice you have to send bolts downrange.  And crossbow bolts need to be stopped.  Cross-bolts need a well designed target so your bolts don’t travel through the target and find other homes where they are not welcome.  This target block is designed, just for our needs!



More on Crossbow Defense in SHTF

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to watch this video. I’ll show you my personal crossbow plus give you a rundown of why you’ll want to get one of your own! Remember, as with everything in life, simply owning a crossbow is not going to save your life or put meat on the table. Get yourself some training and then practice your skills regularly to keep yourself sharp. When the call to action comes, you’ll be ready instead of being caught with your pants down.

Stay Frosty. Semper Fi!