Downloadable Forms

This page contains links to downloadable forms that will hopefully prove useful. Use at your discretion. None of these forms are meant to be used as medical advice. Thank you to TN Homesteader for permission to share his SHTF Antibiotic spreadsheet!


SHTF Antibiotics

Downloadable and editable spreadsheet to keep track of your antibiotic inventory and to quickly access the suggested uses for the most commonly used antibiotics.  Again, this is not meant to be used in place of medical advice from a Doctor.

The Last Second Prepper

Hopefully you have everything you need for SHTF. If not, or if you anticipate that others in your life may need guidance for last minute preps, we’ve made this spreadsheet available. This list is NOT exhaustive and has the basics of food, shelter and medicine for 3 months per person.

SHTF and It Rolls Down Hill Too!

TN Homesteader has graciously turned the information presented on The Board of Truth from the video, “SHTF and It Rolls Down Hill Too”, into a printable slide. In case you’d like it you can find it here.

Read the FISC Memo

This link will take you to a copy that is stored online. You can read the entire ninety-nine page memo.