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    TN Homesteader

    There are many Antibiotics, which one and for what?


    TN Homesteader

    Below is a link to The Patriot Nurse video on the “Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF”. I found the information to be a good guide on what to acquire. The Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF

    I would also recommend obtaining a copy of “Pearson Nurse’s Drug Guide”; the latest publishing is 2017. This reference guide has a ton of information on multitude of drugs including Use, Contraindications, Cautions, Adverse Effects, and more.



    On all the subjects I have researched, this subject is the least researched and most likely the most important. I am almost completely ignorant on the “which one, and for what” subject.
    First question I have if the answer is known: If this “Plague” in Madagascar migrates our way, what would be the go to Antibiotic?
    So many other questions possibly not for this topic but this one i’ll toss up here as it is directly related to the Madagascar plague: Will any type of easy to get face mask help with the airborne version of this?
    i’m hopping over to the patriot nurses channel not to check out some video’s, Her and her hubby…fellow tennesseans 🙂


    TN Homesteader

    Liljohn – The Patriot Nurse (TPN) created a video about airborne spread deceases. She recommended P95 masks. These are easy to get, I got a 3M 10 pack from Amazon but seen them on eBay as well. I also have a mask that uses replacement P95 pads (also 3M, painters type). Of course, the NBC Mask but that is all epidemic time.

    I personally take a multi-tiered approach of avoidance, prevention, treatment (hope not to get to this tier).
    Avoidance is relatively simple, if there is any risk, I’ll be avoiding people outside my “isolated” group.
    Prevention – If interaction is necessary and in the early stages, P95 mask and alcohol based disinfectant wipe on things often touched by people. If cases have broken out, then it is NBC mask and would not stop the alcohol wipe.
    Treatment – I put together a “condition and antibiotic” cross reference which covers multiple items, again based on TPN’s video and other medical videos. From the CDC site, Doxycycline and Ciprofloxacin. The Cipro is a wide spectrum antibiotic and also used for post anthrax exposure so it is a very powerful one.

    I strongly recommend the Nurse’s Drug Guide as that is great reference, with or without trained medical in your team.

    The ADMIN is working on ability to download files from club, when available I’ll share the cross-reference.

    BTW, I crossed paths with TPN at the grocery store! Valor Ridge is not far from my homestead.

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    TN Homesteader

    Fellow preppers, the following link is to an excel based cross-reference between potential SHTF medical condition and respective antibiotic to treat.
    Link -> SHTF Antibiotics
    Sheet Name and Purpose:

    1. Condition Treatment Provides list of Antibiotic to use based on the Medical condition selected.
    2. Antibiotic Treatment Provides list of condition treated based on Antibiotic selected.
    3. Antibiotic Inventory is a simple alphabetical list of identified antibiotics with ability to indicate doses in your preps and commentary.
    4. Conditon&Antibiotic List contains the raw cross-reference used by the first two “selection” sheets.

    When you are presented with Cloud Drive, select download and you can save to your local drive.

    This an informational aid and should not be used in lieu of certified medical professional instruction. You should consult your physician before using any antibiotic or controlled substance.



    TN Homesteader, AWESOME! I’m a big fan of TPN since the Maine Prepper days and would love to take her class. She refuses to come to California (i don’t blame her).


    TN Homesteader

    Admin – Well, you know…there is an option…come on down and visit the great State of Tennessee. Once here, you will not want to go back to CA. That was us back in 2010, we rented apartment to check out TN and after a month, a winter month, we sold our home in SF Bay Area and moved! As for taking TPN’s class(es), Valor Ridge is a stone’s throw. I’ll wager it takes you longer to get to grocery store where you’re at and I don’t even know where that is! ?

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    TN Homesteader

    Preppers! The Patriot Nurse published “The True Shelf Life of Drugs – What the FDA isn’t Telling” which has good information for your med kit stores and rotation questions.

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