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    I was reading back through the comments and saw one from October that I had forgotten all about. Someone wanted a way to list movies that were “Prepper” oriented. Here is a short list of some of my favorites. I hope you all have movies/tv shows that I’ve never heard of so that I can check them out!

    YouTube (these are all BBC specials. A team of historians and archaeologists recreate conditions in each era)
    Tudor Monastery Farm
    Tales from the Green Valley
    Victorian Farm
    Wartime Farm

    10 Cloverfield Lane
    Red Dawn (sorry guys but I had to list this one of course!)


    TN Homesteader

    PreparedMother – Red Dawn, regardless of the premise, had some good prepping items and tidbits!

    To the list of YT items, I’d add (Link–>) “American Blackout“. This NatGeo “docuDrama” got some very mixed reviews and much negativity towards its “documentary” angle. However, when I saw it, I thought “this is how we expect people to react”. What I like about it is the multiple social angles, from megalopolis to suburban and a bug out perspective. It can be taken as a bit cheesy but the basic human reaction and the numbers that will NOT be prepared is given a good look.

    Two interesting points, in searching for the movie (on YouTube), I found a post of a review by a guy that basically could not understand how a cyber attack can take out the electrical grid, electricity as he put it. Why do I call this out, basically, that is the level of knowledge that is out there, i.e., no clue!! Another side point, ran into one of John’s classic videos of 2014, a post movie review discussion of questions posed by subscribers.

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