Yes! Gardening! Gorilla Gardening to be precise. SHTF doesn’t have to go all the way to Captain Caveman for you to need the skills and tools to grow your own food. Even right now, today, you could benefit from growing some of your own food. The money you saved might not be much but it could be put towards other preps. Preps like firearms and ammunition that you can’t create for yourself (yeah, I know some of you are super bad-ass and actually can create your own firearms but the majority of people do not fit that description!) Not to mention the fact that after SHTF is NOT the time to start practicing a skill! Tactical skills, medical skills, hunting, bartering, find acls classes, gardening….all of these are SURVIVAL skills that you need to perfect now, not later!

We don’t have to go all out WROL for these preps to be a benefit. If things are fucked up economically, SHTF can be a hit-and-miss, on-and-off, intermittent pain in the ass! This can be a long drawn out process and it’s gonna take a while to get things back on track. Between the start of the shit and the end of the shit, you need to not die!

Why Gorilla Gardening?

Unless you trust your neighbors 100% or have a full time security detail to guard your field you might want to consider unconventional methods to grow your food. Planting crops in neat little rows might look pretty but it also looks like food to people passing by. One solution is to try gorilla gardening, intermixing edible plants with existing weeds and wild growth will disguise your food. The goal of a gorilla garden is to keep weeds just enough in check to provide camouflage while not choking out the actual crop.

As far as what you should plant, you need to take several things into consideration. Your area, climate, current season, available space and what will your family eat? There’s no point in kicking ass and growing 300 pounds of sweet potatoes if no-one in your family likes eating them! I recommend Heirloom seed varieties for a couple of reasons. They are tried and true seeds that have been around for generations. Most importantly, heirloom seeds will make MORE seeds for you. You can set aside part of your crop in order to have seeds for planting next year with service. Most modern GMO seeds have had this ability purposefully bred out of them.

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gorilla gardeninggorilla gardening