Thrive Life

The Importance of Quality Food Preps in SHTF

Hands down, Thrive Life is the best tasting and best quality freeze dried food in the industry. In my opinion, this is the way to go to ensure you have good, quality food preps in SHTF. Thrive takes pride in their product and it shows in the flavor and quality of their food and the service they provide to their customers. Thrive runs their business through Independent Consultants which means that you can place an order directly through the company or get about a 10% discount when you order through one of their consultants. A lot of their consultants are Preppers, like you and me. Looking for a way to make a few bucks and fill their pantry’s while encouraging others to get prepared. I’ve chosen to do my business through a consultant and the following link will take you to her page on the Thrive website. Please note, I do NOT make any money off of this plug for Thrive, I just really like the food. I will get free food sent to me from time to time so that I can review it for you guys! Which works out great for me! I plan on eating well in SHTF and practicing with the food now lets me know I’ll be ready to handle it later.

If you click the link, you will be REDIRECTED to –> ThePreparedMother <— (no relation) page on the ThriveLife website. You can also request more information from Joleen using the form below.  SHOP HERE

With all this delicious food, you’ll need plenty of water! Check out our water filters and storage containers.