Freeze-Dried Beef Slices

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If you don’t think freeze dried foods compare to fresh, think again! The natural taste and nutrition of our foods are preserved during the freeze drying process. While fresh foods start losing flavor and nutrients the moment they’re picked, THRIVE stays healthy and fresh-tasting for years to come. Take a look at the journey your “fresh” food takes from farm to fork compared to THRIVE—you might be surprised at what you find!

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THRIVE Beef Slices are freeze-dried to lock in the freshness and taste of the premium beef flavor and nutrients. The innovative freeze drying process removes all of the moisture from the prime cuts of meat giving each beef dice a shelf life of up to twenty-five years. By using THRIVE Beef Slices you will save time because you won’t have worry about thawing, trimming, or browning each cut of meat. You can simply toss it into all your favorite meals such as beef stew, stir-fry, stroganoff, fajitas and enchiladas.


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