Nutrient Survival

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About Nutrient Survival:

Survival food needed a revolution. So, we created it.

Tired and frustrated with the lack of food that would do anything good for our bodies (especially emergency food when your body needs it most), we decided it was time for change. So, eight years ago, we set out to produce great tasting, nutrient dense foods that are shelf-stable and easy to prepare. Originally, we made them for ourselves, then we passed them to our families and friends. Most of us started to eat the food daily, and without exception, everyone’s quality of life skyrocketed. We felt better, looked better, and performed better. Word traveled fast and, as the world rapidly changed, more and more people sought out our revolutionary food to defend their bodies. In good times and bad, survival is not enough. We want to give everyone the same freedom we’ve found. It’s time to thrive.


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