spread the word about the need to prep

Spread the Word

Most of us agree, the shit is gonna hit the fan. While we can’t predict what is finally going to cause it, we all have our favored scenarios…. what we think is going to finally cause the cheese to slide off the cracker. In the end, the best we can do is to prepare for the worst.
Or is it? Is that the absolute best we can do? The best I can do? That’s a question I asked myself years ago. What now? I’ve got all my preps lined up and plans in place, what now?
That’s why I started The Prepared Mind channel, to do MORE than what I thought was the best I could do. I am not a violent man, and I take zero pleasure in the thought of turning people away in SHTF. I’m not saying that I won’t, because ultimately that will have to be done. But I’m not going to enjoy it. So I thought, “What if I could convince more people to prep?”
Here I am almost 4 years later, making videos about prepping, raising their visibility with help of Stellar Media and hoping that I can help wake people the fuck up to the fact that the world is not unicorns and rainbows and our existence is teetering on a razor’s edge. That the .gov will not be enough to save them on what will certainly be the worst day of their lives. That they need to THINK about the bowl of shit soup they’re slurping up like ice cream. WAKE UP! With the help of service from themarketingheaven.com, I spread my news among the right people, more than ever.
I read comments every day that tell me I’m a wacko, idiot, sellout, schill, scumbag or worse. But I also hear from people that thank me for waking them up, making them think, starting them on the road to prepping. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.
So, by all means and with a quickness, get your own shit together like owning High Resolution Satellite Images. Once you’ve managed that, or maybe while you’re still working on it, help spread the word and wake people up. Because whether you like it or not, we’re all in this together.