steps you can take to battle the flu

Steps You Can Take to Battle The Flu

Guest Post by, “Doc”

Every year, Every. Single. Year. we get the flu craze. Some flu seasons are worse than others but many things remain the same. Let’s say you’ve done all the things. Washed your hands, avoid crowds, etc…but you still come down with the flu. There are steps you can take to battle the flu. Remember, As Doc so accurately states in the post below, “…influenza does not kill you, it runs your immune system down, leaving you susceptible to other infections..” Ultimately, it’s those secondary infections that get you. Nobody is saying the flu isn’t bad, it sucks! But it comes and then it goes….usually leaving you with weeks worth of continuing symptoms. I’m battling those right now myself. Along with the usual advice; rest, fluids, vitamin C; Doc give some insight into effective treatment that you can take at home to battle the flu and secondary infections that might occur.¬†Thank you, Doc, for your permission to share this post.

” I’ll throw in my 10 cents on the Flu this season.

To date we have seen only 2 confirmed cases of Flu so far in my clinic & we are in a predominantly elderly community. We have, however, seen a lot of upper respiratory infections often starting with a viral sinusitis or bronchitis, which later turned into a bacterial infection and when untreated often leads to pneumonia. Remember influenza does not kill you, it runs your immune system down, leaving you susceptible to other infections often pneumonia.

[Steps you can take to battle the flu] So, the take home for the prepper is supportive care ie: fluids and lots of them, look up “O.R.S.” something the W.H.O. came up with which you can make with sugar, salt & water. (Also great to address fluid loss from vomiting & diarrhea. ) It has saved literally millions of lives overseas. Keep a stock of Antipyretics on hand (meds..which reduce fever) ie: acetaminophen, aspirin & ibuprofen and don’t forget a thermometer– old fashion mercury (eBay) no battery op. stuff. Active cooling ie: use of a cold face cloth to cool the body and reduce fever. Always remember when actively cooling stop at one degree above 98.6F , especially in children, as the temperature will continue to drop 1-2 degrees.

Expectorants- particularly those containing ” Guaifenesin” like Mucinex, to help expectorate (get out) what is in the chest. Once things settle into the chest – watch for fever, dark sputum with or without blood &, S.O.B ( shortness of breath… Not the other.. though you should always be on the lookout for them ūüėČ ) these are often a sign of a bacterial upper respiratory infection or pneumonia, where both supportive care should be continued & serious consideration for antibiotics should be made. Hope this info helps.

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