The Petro-Yuan and Fiat Currency

Guest Post, Patrick Alaggio

[The Petro-Yuan and Fiat Currency?] The move away from the petro-dollar has been going on for years, particularly from the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and their growing list of new allies and business partners. While the sheeple have been going on their merry ways believing the US economy is “stronger than ever” or that “unemployment is at and all time low” those of us who are awake see the lies for what they are… pure propaganda to keep the dying petro-dollar alive a little longer.
. Meanwhile, China has been leading the way to an entirely independent system of finance and trade that will REPLACE the petro-dollar and reduce our status in the world economy to a much lower level. While we murder, plunder and rape the resources of independent nations to force them to continue doing business OUR WAY (or get a bullet to the head), China has been INVESTING in their trading partners and building meaningful alliances and basing trade on whatever assets that country has to offer help for debts . Without the USA involved in any way what-so-ever. The ONLY reason our economy is still alive is because of the deals done behind the scenes that allow the Chinese alliance to acquire gold at ridiculously low prices so they do not dump our treasury bonds all at once onto the market and destroy the petro-dollar overnight. Just look up the HUGE energy deal China struck with Russia… all without the petro-dollar and that trend continues to accelerate as more and more countries move away from our tyrannical system.
. We are likely to see a 50% decline in the purchasing power of our dollar in the coming year. We will also see two dollars in play at the same time; 1) the international dollar used along with the Petro-Juan in a “basket of global currencies” and out of our direct control to manipulate to our unique advantage, and, 2) an internal US dollar that will be used to buy goods within the USA. According to some experts that USA dollar will, upon issuance, be worth only 70 cents and it will be devalued again shortly thereafter by another 30%, bringing its worth down to 49 cents versus the current devalued dollar we spend today.
. This is part of the behind the scenes plan to keep us from skyrocketing into hyperinflation overnight and throwing the entire world into turmoil. This is also why I have continually advised John’s subscribers to get what you NEED now as if it were on sale… because it is. We are likely to see many more of our international orders unfulfilled because of the rejection of our phony treasury bonds, which are printed up in our legalized counterfeiting practices. These orders will not be filled until we pay for them in real assets; gold, oil, lumber, NON-GMO food, etc. and this will cause the price of ALL imports to double or triple overnight and the cheap overseas goods we are all used to will simply evaporate.
. The ONLY bright side I see is still an unknown. What if President Trump’s Executive Order and 9,800 PLUS sealed indictments truly has enough teeth to TAKE BACK the wealth stolen from us? If we can grab hundreds of billions and eventually tens of trillions of dollars for our nation via this RICO ACT TREASURY ASSAULT against the globalists then that would buy enough time for our shrewd President to put his brilliant business acumen to work for “we the people”. If these dozens of flights that have been turned around, or headed for GITMO to amp up the capability of that military justice system, if all of those mobilized National Guard can serve the growing prison population, if the Military Tribunals are able to provide the justice that our corrupted system has been so sadly lacking; then THE SKY IS THE LIMIT in what we can accomplish. This is my greatest hope for our future and one that we couldn’t have even dreamt of if the witch had won. Instead, we might be treated to a hanging to convince her husband to give up the keys to the wealth reserves, that can be seized and retrieved with or without his permission. Then, add the illegal wealth gained since Prescott Bush and his traitorous family, the Rockefellers, the Saudis, the Gates & Carnegie Foundations, the military industrial complex, HALIBURTON, the pharmaceutical medical complex and on and on through the drug-dealing, human trafficking pedophile networks around the world… and yes, then there are those substantial take-backs from the Rothshilds.
. THEY will try to bring us to WORLD WAR to prevent OUR direct attack upon THEM. Don’t allow it… DEMAND the continuation of the war plan that President Trump has already waged and throw him every ounce of your support. Then, when it is under control and the justice system has been purged of the TRAITORS, DEMAND that he revoke that EXECUTIVE Order and allow the courts to start doing their jobs… properly with equality for all.